NOK Loy Krathong Fly-in


Six aircraft departed from NOK on 31st Oct for Subang, Malaysia with planned refuelling/overnights at Phitsanulok, Hua Hin, Krabi and Penang.


Due to severe thunderstorms over the Malay peninsular all aircraft had to divert and return to Phuket. Unfortunately the further eight aircraft from Peninsular Malaysia, who had confirmed they would meet us at Subang on 2nd November for the flight north back to NOK, were also grounded due weather, with some of these crews taking commercial flights to Chiangmai to attend the festival.


By the evening of 4th we had over 20 aircraft at NOK airfield.


All outbound aircraft arrived back at NOK in the afternoon of 4th as planned. Three aircraft joined us from Chiangmai Flying Club, three from Tango - including the Tiger Moth, the Mooney from Bang Phra and Supap's PC12 (landed at VTCC). We were joined in the afternoon by 5 ultralights and a splendid collection of paramotors.




NOK Loy Krathong Fly-in November 2006 - picture gallery




Mum Pat & WeerayutKamloklak










Boy bandapron




J3 CubJ3Cub


Joy Roatango




Ping ningKriensak




GroupPornpen Dio


Pawaris NineYves Joy Roa




WAR teamTiger Moth


Glider & tugNew hangar


Loy KrathongHot air balloon