We are a privately owned and licensed airfield (VTCY), just 12 miles SE of Chiangmai. Our runway is 830m x 10m - tarmac covered. We welcome visiting aircraft.


Location N18˚ 40'.581 E099˚ 06'.65


**Nok Arfield (VTCY) diagram and airfield details here

Procedure for flying at Nok Airfield here.

Road map directions


Circuit pattern Runway 16 left hand

Circuit pattern Runway 34 right hand


*Be advised there is an adjacent 600m tarmac strip to the west of NOK (Lanna Airfield) and an active model flying site just 1 km to the SW of the threshold of Runway 34.

Approximately 2Nm North East of Nok Airfield is  Yong Mai / Chiang Mai Sports Airfield. Keep a sharp look out for small Ultralight aircraft operating around base to final of Nok Airfield runway 16 especially early in the morning and late afternoons. They do not have radio or transponders some of the time.