Chiangmai airspace

AIP Thailand – 10 Dec 08 – Department of Civil Aviation



5. Chiang Mai Controlled Airspace

  1. Chiang Mai Control Zone


Starting from 184604.4N 0984748.7E then clockwise along
an arc of 10 nm radius from CMA DVOR/DME
(184558.03N 0985740.55E) to 185516.4N 0985754.6E then
direct to 191204.3N 0991048.5E from this point make an
arc of 30nm radius from CMA DVOR/DME clockwise to
190640.4N 0991848.4E then direct to 184904.4N
0990718.5E and direct to 184958.4N 0991754.4E from this
point make an arc of 20nm radius from CMA DVOR/DME
clockwise to 183216.5N 0984248.7E direct then to the
starting point. Excluding airspace extending upward from
ground to and including 2000 ft above ground surface
enclosed by boundaries beginning at 184308.28N
0990520.15E then direct to 184259.37N 0991135.51E then
direct to 183640.00N 0991156.20E then direct to
183638.57N 0990558.75E then direct to starting point.
Vertical limit up to but not including 5000 ft agl

Class of airspace C


Chart showing the new boundaries is under construction