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Bank Account

Bangkok Bank Co, Ltd.    Ban Thi Branch
Ban Thi, 51180 

Lamphun   Thailand
A/C number: 570-0-09207-4

Swift code: BKKBTHBK         

Routing number: NYABA0869



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Welcome to NOK Flying Club's NEWS - 2020


How to find us by air

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NOK Aviation are pioneers supporting and promoting general aviation and sport flying in Thailand.


NOK News

April 2017.


Members of Nok Flying Club venture into China for the 2017 Zhengzhou Airshow




March 2017.


10 Years of the Flying Scouts - Dugong Survey in Southern Thailand.




July 2016.


Round the world float plane visits Phuket Airpark enroute to Australia.





June 2016.


Members Ed & Mike visit Prechuap Khiri Kan to attend the Princes Cup Flying Ralley 2016



May 2016.


Budgetlines choose San Kampeng Airport as maintenance base.





February - April 2016.


Dugong Shepherds - Krabi, Trang & Songkhla Province, 2019 - 9th Successive Year of Aerial Surveying


December 2015.


Members from Wings Over Asia, Singapore visited Chiang Mai on a very special mission.




John Giddens, (pictured with his son Haylin) is a very active aviator based in Seletar, Singapore. His family has a long connection with Singapore and aviation.  John’s father flew Spitfires for the RAF in Singapore. In particular Spitfire PRXIX s/n PS836 – Ex-81 Squadron (also pictured). John also has an emotional attachement with our flying club since our very own Tony Smallwood was a close firend of John's parents.

John managed to track down two Spitfires his father flew in Singapore to Tango Squadron – Aviation Museam in Bangkok, and he asked Nok Flying Club to help him plan a trip to both the Tango museum in Chiang Mai, as well as the one in Bangkok, where he believed the Spitfires were located.



John wanted to formely hand over copies of his father’s flying log books, to show he flew the aircraft, and bring some more of the aircraft’s distinguished history to the museum.


The last log book entry that Capt. Giddens recorded of flying this aircraft is  11th Nov 1953.



John also managed to locate the grave of Capt. Paul Skeaping, fellow colleague of Capt. Giddens and  RAF College Cranwell classmate also attached to No. 81 Squadron as a Mosquito pilot, who is now resting peacefully with his navigator “Wink” Williamson in Bangkok – a small corner in a foreign land that is forever England!


In total, three aircraft from Wings Over Asia flew up from Seletar (WSSL). A TBM 900, SR22, & DA42.


The Route was :-




As members of Nok Flying Club, we were delighted to help this mission succeed, and give our hand of friendship to fellow enthusiasts.



March 2015.


Update from Yve regarding a change of management structure.


As the application for 10 years permit has been presented to the DCA and our airfield reaches its 10th anniversary please allow me to present some changes operated in the management and structure of VTCY.


1) Management of the airfield:

As operations maintain a fair level and that normal class G procedures approved by the ATC are expected soon management of the airfield is transferred to VDM Co, Ltd, legal holder of the airfield permit. 
I am pleased to announce that Alice has been appointed director of the company and will take an effective part of the following of the airport and its activities.
We will closely cooperate in order to avoid increases in the rental and sinking fund fees.
Please note Alice's mail address : alice_vdm(AT)hotmail.com


2) Class G enforcement:

We hope soon to have an operational class G . Details to be available soon


3) Status of the airfield:

VTCY is now a non PPR and open airport. Pilots and aircraft are welcome but must strictly abide to the Thai AIP, rules of the air and published VTCY procedures.
Non respect of the above may lead to simple interdiction to operate at Sankampheng airfield.
Cooperation of everybody is greatly appreciated to keep our place trouble less.

4) Nok Flying Club:

Nok Flying Club is now under the efficient management of K.Koi.
We thank him for his very efficient action and constant support.

Best regards,





January & February 2015.


Dugong Shepherds - Krabi & Trang Province, 2015 - 8 Successive Years of Aerial Surveying





September 2014

Member Mike Wilson has generously donated a Davis realtime weather station to the flying club. This clever solar powered device provides real time weather as well

as other vital data for pilots operating out of Nok Airfield. You can access the detailed weather page here. The data is updated every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day.


August 2014

Tony Smallwood's great aviation legacy - the flight of the Gibbons, continues. Details, here.




July 2014

Aerothai Chiang Mai, Lanna & Nok Airfield discuss local airspace procedures.



Given the increasing air traffic over Chiang Mai skies, Aerothai Chiang Mai who run Chiang Mai’s civilian air traffic control service, kindly invited Lanna and Nok Airfield to meeting to discuss the design of arrival and departure procedures for both airfields.

This first meeting will hopefully lead to an approved set of published procedures designed to enhance safety for both the General Aviation traffic around the airfields, as well as supporting Aerothai’s mandate for smooth commercial air traffic management.

The first set of procedures will be designated VFR reporting points for a set VFR departure and arrival procedure from either Lanna or Nok Airfield when General Aviation traffic is intending to operate outside of the Class G airspace covering the airfields.  

It is intended that a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between both the airfields and Aerothai Chiang Mai. As soon as these procedures are formalized, they will be published here.




April 2014


General Aviation Helps Save Endangered Gibbons - Here


February 2014


Visit to Singapore Airshow 2014, and Wings Over Asia Dinner.


Several members of Nok Flying Club visited the 2014 Singapore airshow at the invitation of Wings Over Asia.


Harriett and Mike Wilson with Flying Ed.



The airshow was very well organised, as you would expect from Singapore, and a very warm welcome was received from fellow aviators based at Seletar Airport (WSSL) Singapore.



The highlight was a vintage flying gala dinner hosted at the Singapore Aviation Museum.



Pictures courtesy of Daren Rose.


February 2014


Yve and Duan get married - February 2014, at Nok Airfield.



A great celebration at the airfield to celebrate the wedding of Yve and Duan.


The aircraft made a lovely backdrop to a very lovely occasion.



Congratulations to you both!



January 2014



The Flying Scouts sucessfully complete the 6th Dugong survey flight in Krabi and Trang Province. Here


December 2013


Yve successfully completed his ferry flight of his new Piper PA39 Twin Comanche arriving at Chiang Mai International on 22 November 2013.




Congratulations Yve on getting your crew and aircraft safely home!



RIP Tony Smallwood. 1941 - 2013.


Tony Smallwood


It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Tony Smallwood earlier this morning - 14th October 2013.

He flew his last solo flight today after a noble one year battle against cancer.

For those of you who knew him personally, he remained a true gentleman right to the end, never losing his sense of humor despite enduring some horrific pain during his final hours.

As well as a distinguished flying career, Tony was one of the early pioneers,  advancing General Aviation in Thailand, who relentlessly encouraged a more sensible attitude for us small aircraft pilots.

Aviation has lost a formidable aviator and teacher, and I have lost a very dear friend, who was instrumental in guiding me through my flying career right up to the end.

The funeral was held at Wat Fa Ham Temple, Charoenraj Road near Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai, 16th-18th October 2013.

Blue skies and tailwinds Tony.  Gone but not forgotten my friend.








Flights of Fancy. Pictures and video of memorable flights from our members. (updated August 2013) Here


August 2013


The Flying Scouts head back to the Gulf of Thailand in search of the Bryde Whales for 2013. Here



Breaking News...

Yve, Duan, Alice and Julie are all currently in the US to pick up Yve's new aircraft, a Piper Twin Commanche, PA39. Yve hopes to ferry it all the way from the US to Nok Airfield, Thailand.


This is a very difficult journey for such a small piston aircraft, and everyone at Nok Flying Club are eagerly awaiting their safe arrival.







April 1st & 2nd 2013. The Flying Scouts were invited to help release Green Sea turtles on Similan Island No.1. This was a joint project between the Thai Marine Department, and The Thai Royal Navy. Read more here



March 18th 2013. Five years of Marine Survey Flying - The Flying Scouts - Ed and Tom complete the 2013 Dugong Survey Flight.

Read more here



Congratulations to Mike Gillam and his team for another successful Precision Flying Event, at Eastern Airport, Pattaya March 9th &10th 2013.. Full details here.


The Flying Scouts track Bryde's Whale in the Gulf of Thailand. December 2012. Full details here.

















NOK's 4 new hangars under construction as at 15th June 2012


new hangarsnew hangars

new hangarsnew hangars


Photos from 7th Anniversay Party on 28th April 2012

(more photos from this event courtesy CityNow )


Yves & Alice

papamike family




This is your invitation to NOK Aviation Flying Club’s 7th Anniversary Dinner to be held at Ban Thi NOK Airport on Saturday 28th April 2012 from 7pm.


tow bannerเรียนเชิญท่านร่วมฉลองครบรอบ 7 ปี สมาคมการบินนก ณ. สนามบินนก บ้านธิ ในวันที่ 28 เมษายน 2555 เวลา 19.00 

300 บาทต่อท่าน(ค่าอาหาร) ส่วนเตรื่องดื่มมีบริการจำหน่ายที่บาร์หรือท่านนำมาเอง  - กรุณายืนยันการเข้าร่วมงานภายในวันที่ 21 เมษายน นี้


  • This special anniversary dinner will be held in the Clubhouse – fee 300 baht per person for food and entertainment with drinks available for purchase from the Club bar - for details see attached .pdf
  • In order to cater for this event we MUST know in advance whether you and your guests are coming. The cut-off date for replies is 21st April 2012. Please let us know before 21st April whether or not you wish to attend .
  • If you are coming to our special anniversary dinner simply reply to this invitation with your name and number of guests required. You will receive confirmation via email.

blanikThe hangar & apron 2005

We look forward to seeing you on 28th April. See attached .pdf for more information.

Best wishes

The NOK Team



Congratulations to the participants at the Precision Flying Rally at Eastern Flying Club.

"3 Mar 2012 -- In one of the most miraculous victories in recent memory, Thai Flying Club Senior member Fernando "Alongzo" Ponsa won the Precision Flying Rally at Eastern Flying Club with special navigation operations specialist Daniel Macak (George's brother). It was over 100 miles of grueling terrain with 12 reporting points. Read more here from Tom Claytor at TFC.

Husky Mike's video of the event here.



Our "new" Slingsby 1952 built T21b now rigged at NOK awaiting certification - Feb 2012



NOK apron

new highway in the air


Construction of planned 3 new hangars now underway - Feb 2012

new hangars


Jet A1, 100ll Avgas and 91 Mogas now available at NOK

fuel store

*visitors please note 24hours notice required for fuel uplifts.


Ed's hangar at NOK with jet turbine PT6 powered Malibu and Tecnam

Piper Malibu


A welcome back to NOK this week - Flying Ed and Tecnam HS-EAL - The Dugong Shepherds are back home.

Having flown over 40 hours in the past 3 weeks Ed and his team deserve a well earned rest.


The Dugong Shepherds , the last hope for dugong existence in Thailand
http://issuu.com/warf/docs/ the_dugong_shepherds?mode=windo w&backgroundColor#222222


Thanks Mike for your Husky video: See youtube


"A super grass and tarmac strip a few miles from the walled and moated city of Chiang Mai, in the mountains of N.W. Thailand. Plenty to do and see around here - very beautiful."


Some of many recent visitors - welcome to Gerry and his Virus and Mike with his Husky - a regular visitor now to NOK

- a newly built hangar will shortly be built for their aircraft.





*News Flash: Due to renewed interest from several fellow pilots, 3 new hangars will shortly be under construction at NOK. Watch this space for updates on progress!


Mike & Harriet's brand new kit built Zodiac 650b nearing completion in the hangar at NOK.

Mike Wison


Congratulations to our Dugong Shepherds on the successful completionof the 2012 aerial survey in the South of Thailand.

The Dugong Shepherds , the last hope for dugong existence in Thailand
by Tom Potisit on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 6:30pm
The Dugong Shepherds

- read the full report here


Download our free 2012 Tiger Moth Calendar here

(Microsoft Excel required for download)

Tiger Moth HS-WIP

Tiger at NOK

Come and have a trial flight in our magnificent Tiger Moth. Tel +66 857 218715


2012 Dugong Survey

Tecnam HS-EAL together with Ed, Tom Pete and ground crew are now in Trang about to start their annual 2 week Dugong survey in Southern Thailand..


Save Dugong

The Dugong Survey is now in its 5th year - "General Aviation helps save endangered species in Thailand..." details here


Wishing you all a very happy & prosperous 2012

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking all our current club members for their support throughout 2011 and wish everyone a very Happy & Prosperous 2012. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the airfield during the coming year.
Most of you will be aware of the new developments that have been taking place during 2011; with a major investment in a new 850m tarmac runway together with a grass strip alongside. This has permitted all year round operations and has attracted additional privately owned resident aircraft. All our 5 hangars are now at almost full capacity and plans are afoot to build more this coming year. Courtesy of Pierre-Yves, the airfield have just received this week a "new" two seat Slingsby T21b glider that has been shipped from UK. This machine will enable us to continue gliding operations at NOK and will give club members a new experience in open cockpit flying.
We would like to remind you that membership subscriptions are due this month - to avoid late payment surcharge - membership must be paid by 1st February 2012.
Payments can be accepted electronically - please state your name and membership category and email us with details:
Nok Flying Club Bank Account
Bangkok Bank Co, Ltd.    Ban Thi Branch
Ban Thi, 51180  Lamphun   Thailand
A/C number: 570-0-09207-4
Swift code: BKKBTHBK          Routing number: NYABA0869

Our new arrival at NOK on December 30th 2011 - UK built Slingsby T21b






Join us for Loy Krathong on Friday 11th November 2011 - NOK Airfield VTCY

Loy KrathongBallonns NOK

YOU are invited to join us at NOK Airfield to celebrate Loy Krathong on Friday 11th November 2011

    BAR-B-QUE from 6pm - bring your own steaks and sausages

    Full Bar facilities available in the clubhouse

    Bring your own kohm loi and fireworks  (โคม ลอย) (ดอกมะตาด)

    Kohm loi launch at 7pm

    Movie time 7.30pm - "The Great Waldo Pepper"

"The Great Waldo Pepper" - A biplane pilot who had missed flying in WWI takes up barnstorming and later a movie career in his quest for the glory he had missed... See the movie at NOK - Friday 11th November - screening at 7.30pm

* Please let us know by return email if you are coming to NOK on 11th November


1st November 2011 - Tom, Ed and his team preparing flood relief supplies to be flown from NOK to flood stricken Lopburi.


This is their 3rd flood relief supply flight this week - first 2 were to Nakon Sawan - a big thank you to all those who made donations.


A warm welcome to Mike Wilson - a newcomer to NOK - currently building his own Zenair in a NOK hangar.

Mike Wilson


On Sunday 30th October we welcomed Classic Cars of Lanna, who managed to successfully navigate to NOK with their lovely collection of antique motors.

Classic Cars

Tiger Moth



Welcome home to Tom & Ed who arrived Chiangmai 10th October - HS-TOM Global Expedition 2011

Ed & Tom HS-TOMGlobal ex

HS-TOM has finally made it back to Thailand, landed at Chiang mai International airport at 2:10 pm. Tom: "I would like to thank everyone who came to welcome us back home, it feels awesome to be back and have all familiar faces waiting for us at the aircraft apron. Thank you."

"After the long journey over 130 days, finally we have made it back to Thailand in one piece with many postcards from Thais and foreigners in 36 cities over 22 countries around the world to bring back as a present for His Majesty the King. On behalf of the Global X2 team, we would like to thank the Director General and officers of Chiang Mai International Airport and all the media who came to welcome us on the apron today. We are very happy to be back home safely, thank you very much for your support."


Classic Cars of Lanna - Visit NOK Airfield 30th October 2011

Sunday run - 30th October 2011 Meet at 10am at Nim City Daily.
Sunday run to Nok Airfield at Lamphun (www.nokaviation.com) organised by fellow enthusiast David H (Alfa Romeo).
Lunch will be available for purchase and there’ll even be the opportunity to take a ride in a vintage Tiger Moth biplane.
Watch a video of the Tiger Moth flying on YouTube by following this LINK

Details Classic Car Club Lanna here


Update HS-TOM Global Expedition 2011

The Global Invasion 2011 - Only 13 days left before we slowly start making our way back to our home in Thailand from the United Kingdom, we will take off on 27th sep passing through Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Jordan , the Middle East ,India and Bangladesh, the journey will take 14 days before we end our long global expedition to Chiang mai , Thailand on the 10th October, we are looking forward to be returning home.


The luggage's are loaded , the encouragements are pack. We are ready for the trips back home, which will take 14 days passing through 9 cities in 7 countries. We hope the journey will go smoothly without any obstacle and we are very excited to be coming back home to Thailand


Nori san - our link with Japan

Nori C172

A welcome to Nori san - after a tumultous 20011 living in Sendai, Japan during the tsunami - Nori is now part owner of C172 at NOK.



An updated air guide to airstrips and frequencies in Thailand. PRINT AIRGUIDE (airport frequencies & information available free on-line - thanks to Paul.)


Eastern Airport

Be advised as from July 2011 Eastern Airport runway shortened – Eastern Airport has lost the North end of its runway. The actual runway length is now about 350 meters. The farmer has decided to plant Cassava and plowed up the runway. Eastern Airport


HS-TOM Celebrating the Thai King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 84th Birthday

Tom & I will hopefully be departing Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand on June 1st, for the long journey back to the UK, flying HS-TOM across the Himalayas, Middle East, Europe and finally Bournemouth, UK, where we plan to spend the summer enjoying and flying around Europe, before returning to Thailand, mid October. During the trip Tom & I will be trying to meet as many people with a connection to Thailand, to celebrate the Thai King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s  84th Birthday by completing  postcards of good wishes,  as part of our Global Expedition for the World’s Greatest King x 2.

 world trip

Tom will be uploading updates of our journey on a dedicated Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/theglobalx2

You do not need a Facebook account to access explore the site, so we hope you will be able to follow our progress there.


A short Youtube clip celebrating our impending departure is at http://www.youtube.com/user/theglobalx2?email=share_video_user


We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on our journey. Chokdee! E

2011 Dugong Survey - Flying Ed, Tom & Pete - their story

The TeamTecnamEvery year we volunteer to do a flight survey by a small plane to study the dugong population in the South of Thailand which we last counted of 250 animals. Dugongs or Manatees are known as Pla-pa-yoon in Thailand.The word "dugong" derives from the Tagalog term dugong which was in turn adopted from the Malay duyung, both meaning "lady of the sea "sea cow,"or "sea pig". DugongDugongs bear one calf at a time after an approximately 13-month gestation. The calf nurses for two years and reaches sexual maturity between the ages of 8-18, longer than in most other mammals. Despite the longevity of the Dugong, which may live for fifty years or more, females give birth only a few times during their life and invest considerable parental care in their young.
Story and Photos by Tom Potisit & Pete Sakcharoen.

EdwardoDr KanchanaPete*Tom PotsitIt's the second day on Dugong Aerial Survey Projet. My mission is to fly with Dr. Kanchana in the afternoon. It's so windy on our departure time. The sun is just above right…*Dugong Survey Day4 16/01/09 It's a big day for me today. I saw a lot of dugongs in Kan-Trang area. The biggest group consisted of 27 dugongs including calves...*we have covered Trang, Krabi, Phuket and will be going down to cover Satun.. Jan15th report at 0950pm to read the full account of this extraordinary flying survey log in to Facebook - Pete Sakcharoen facebook



See our Aircraft for Sale



2010 Philippines Malibu expedition - Flying Ed and Tom's account here


NOK Flying Club's Grob Astir CS on static display at Chiangmai Motor Show from 18 - 27th December 2009
Grob CS AstirMotor show


NOK's engineers Khun Prasert and Khun Boonying





  • DA20 Katana, PA28 140, Cessna 182R - August 2009



  • The Tiger has been a rare sight during the current monsoon season!


  • Latest arrival at NOK is this lovely example of an SF260 privately owned by one of our members.



  • Welcome to C150 flown here from Australia - due to fly back there next week.



  • Our DH82A always a popular sight.




  • Our 4th hangar currently under construction at NOK


  • Another C172M and Piper Twin Commanche have been purchased in USA. These aircraft are expected at NOK in the next 6 weeks.


  • Two privately owned Piper PA28's are now fully assembled at NOK and awaiting DCA certification.


  • NOK Aviation are constructing a new hangar No. 4. This new building will accommodate several new aircraft currently being shipped to Thailand.


  • Welcome to Chiangmai Flying Club (CMFC) who are now fully resident at NOK airfield. Our third hangar has been kitted out to accommodate them. NOK Flying Club and Chiangmai Flying Club have agreed to link together their operations to further promote General Aviation (GA) in Thailand. Full details of this link up will be announced shortly.


  • New airspace classification at Chiangmai and NOK Airfield - for details see AIP Thailand - ENR 2.1-6 - dated 10 Dec 08. Further to a meeting with DCA, Aerothai and NOK last year, it was agreed that a block of airspace (outside Class C) would be implemented. This airspace gives us unrestricted access up to 3,000' amsl within the designated block (see details here).


  • NOK's Forest Fire Protection Project, together, in association with the Forest Fire Control Division and the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand, pilots and members are invited to participate in reporting outbreaks of forest fires in Chiangmai and Lamphun Provinces. This information should be passed to the Forest Fire Control Division (DNP) in Chiangmai – Hotline 1362 - who will take appropriate action. Reporting forest fires please call Chiangmai DNP office 053-276100 Ext. 11 during office time or our hotline 1362 round the clock. Story here. Our famous member, "Flying Ed", together with Channel 3 television recently produced a video presentation highlighting the problems of forest fires. See video Flying to Fight the Forest Fires


  • 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta scheduled on February 12-15, 2009 at Clark Field in Pampanga, Philippines and the Bohol Island Fly-In on Feb. 16-18. Contact event director Joy Roa. Details here


  • WingsOverAsia is happy to announce that their Annual Getaway has been confirmed!
    "The location of our getaway is Hua Hin, Thailand's oldest beach resort. Situated on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand and only 200 kilometres from the capital, Bangkok, Hua Hin is the ultimate getaway destination. Besides being the official resort for the Thai royal family, it also has many attractions for both Thai and foreign tourists.
    We will be expecting aviators from clubs and associations across Asia to join us in this event. If you wish to be a part of this unique general aviators' networking social event, sign up now!"

  • All members are invited to attend our annual AGM on Saturday 3rd January 2009 at NOK Airfield, starting at 6pm. The AGM will be followed by drinks and bar-b-que. The revised principals and responsibilities of the Club's operation will be explained and if agreed, ratified. The Club will be seeking additional committee members to share some of the responsibilites for publicity, operational, clubhouse and social activities etc.
  • Our Tiger Moth DH82A HS-VIP and Eurofox have now completed their C of A test flights successfully and are awaiting DCA approval. YouTube video.






  • Tantawan "Sunflower" airfield welcomes visitors. Details here


  • .

This NEWS page is updated regularly so do keep coming back to check our progress.


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We look forward to seeing you at VTCY























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Glider flying photo album

More Blanik pictures here



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