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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project- 2014




Tony's legacy continues. During 2014, the Flying Scouts, inspired by Tony have been continuing his work to save endangered Gibbons.

The first Gibbons for over thirty years released into the wild in Chiang Mai. The latest updates can be found here.




Tony Smallwood RIP- 1941-2013 The passing of a dear friend, the start of a new adventure.





“Welcome to Chiang Mai!”

Those were the warm words that always greeted me when I met Tony Smallwood after an absence from Chiang Mai.

Tony was the inspiration behind my flying adventures, and my mentor.


He taught many of us the value of animal conservation and how to combine our respective talents to help preserve the fragile existence of the animals on this planet.


The Chiang Mai – Tony Smallwood memorial project is the next significant chapter in the wonderful story of Gibbon Rehabilitation worldwide.


Tony helped establish the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation Thailand (WARF) and was a driving force in the Gibbon Rehabilitation project based in Phuket that has the most

successful record for re-introducing Gibbons back into the wild worldwide.

The Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre is located in a small area of national forest which after 20 years is running out of space.



A group of Tony’s close friends in Thailand, including Dio, his partner, have at the request of WARF, agreed to continue this worthwhile project in Tony’s name, and help relocate

Gibbons from Phuket for eventual release in Chiang Mai..


Chiang Mai lies approximately 1220Km North of Phuket.  It is an arduous two-three day  journey by car for humans, let alone  for frightened Gibbons!



Fortunately, we are able to tap into the goodwill of Thailand’s aviation community and have started organising  transporting the Gibbons by small aircraft. 



Nok Flying Club member, Mike Wilson generously donated the cages for transportation.

The flight can be conducted in a single day, minimising the stress on the animals.  A highly experienced vet from the Phuket Centre accompanied the Gibbons and kept regular

checks on them.  Due to the potential side effects, and limited duration of tranquilizes, the Gibbons were not sedated for the flight.


In Chiang Mai,Nok Flying Club members have generously given their time, aircraft and money to support the transportation of the Gibbons from Phuket to Chiang Mai.

At the Phuket end, Phuket Airpark have generously provided us a base of operations, and members there have donated financially as well.




In total, some 15 Gibbon pairs will be transported to their new home for eventual release back into the wild over the next two years, all supported by General Aviation in Thailand.

Full details of the project are available here






































Pictures (c) Tom Potisit, WARF, GRP.
































































































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