Procedures for flying at Nok Ban Thi Airfield


NOK Aviation, 126 Moo 16, Baan Thi, Lamphun 51180 Thailand



Procedure for flying at Nok Airfield as per airfield regulations


  • Nok Ban Thi Airfield is an open airport, however before landing non resident aircraft must contact the airport operator (not Nok Flying Club) by emailing to eveaircraft (at) gmail.com 
  • With sufficient notice, free hanagarge can be arranged as well as transport. AvGas and MoGas can be pre-ordered in advance.


  • Flight Plans must be filed for all flights - 1 hour before departure – telephone Chiangmai Flight Planning 053277897.


  • Pilot’s must obtain clearance from Chiangmai Tower prior to departure – telephone 053277776


  • Pilot’s must call Chiangmai Approach immediately after departure – frequency 129.60.
  • - If unable to establish two way communication, return and land back at the airport.


  • After landing pilot’s must within one hour close the flight plan by contacting Chiangmai Tower with landing time – telephone 053277776


  • All flight departures and arrivals to be recorded in Nok Ban Thi Airfield Log



Nok Aviation, 126 Moo, 16 Ban Thi, Lamphun. 51180. Thailand.