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NOK's free "Online Classroom"

To enhance technical training for invited students, the club have initiated a free on-line classroom. Student pilots embarking on a pilot training course are invited to join this scheme.


The object is to help students and answer any technical queries they may have as they progress through their training. In addition "online classroom" students will have access to a wealth of additional information via the sites' comprehensive web pages.


Students and pilots at all stages of training and experience will find this useful but in particular candidates who are studying for PPL examinations can greatly benefit by using this facility.


    • General queries, advice and problem solving
    • Aircraft and airfield operations
    • Advice on PPL technical subjects
    • Refresher course prior to PPL exam
    • Flying training


All that is required to register is to send us an e-mail stating that you wish to join NOK's virtual classroom. You will receive confirmation, via email, together with user name and password. NOK will confirm your status as a registered NOK student and introduce the "virtual" classroom.

* Note: only NOK Flying Club members are eligible to join this scheme.


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Online Classroom


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Welcome to our free live online classroom. Send us your queries or comments and our instructor team will attempt to answer promptly. As a pilot you will probably find that there are some areas of both your technical and flying training that need further explanation. If you have any questions/queries or points relating to your flying/ground training programme then post your message here.


This site contains a wealth of useful information for those pilots studying for Thai PPL/CPL/ATPL.


The following subjects are covered:


Principles of Flight:

  • Energy awareness & management
  • Basic flight controls
  • Bernouli's principle
  • Airfoils
  • Lift & weight
  • Airspeed, camber, lift
  • Drag
  • Weight & balance
  • Forces acting on aeroplane



  • Weather/Seasons in Thailand
  • Winds & isobars
  • Adiabatic lapse rates
  • Coriolis force
  • Cloud classification
  • Fronts & synoptic charts
  • Atmospheric circulation
  • Atmosphere
  • Flyer's environment
  • How to read a TAF
  • How to read a METAR
  • METAR/TAF definitions
  • Clouds
  • SE Asia Monsoon
  • Met. Questions/Answers

Aircraft General

  • C172 specification
  • C172 Check list
  • PA28 Arrow Check List
  • Lamphun circuit pattern
  • Air Traffic Control
  • ATIS
  • Engines


Flight Instruments

  • Questions - Flight Instruments



  • Aviation navigation
  • Maps & charts
  • Morse code & phonetic alphabet
  • Lost procedure
  • Navigation log
  • Safety altitude
  • INS - GPS - DGPS
  • Navigation
  • R/T practice communication
  • 1 in 60 Rule
  • VFR navigation
  • Earth coordinates
  • Distance & direction
  • Questions - Navigation
  • Questions - Maps & Charts


Human factors

  • Physical exam for pilots
  • Pilot's environment
  • Hypoxia
  • Hyperventilation
  • Disorientation & vertigo
  • Psychological aspects
  • Visualising your training
  • Questions - Human performance
  • Questions - Human factors
  • Questions - Human factors2


Rules of the Air

  • Air Traffic Rules
  • Government & the law
  • Questions: Flight Rules
  • Questions - Air law
  • Questions - Airports
  • Questions - Flight Safety


Final Revision for PPL Tech Exam

  • Test taking tips
  • Questions - Final Revision 1
  • Questions - Final Revision 2



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